While the Mom is Away…

The Juggernaut had a day off from preschool today, so he was home with Husbandito. This is their day as summarised by Husbandito’s text messages:

  • Status here is that Cheerios have a good buckshot effect when The Juggernaut is frustrated.  He’s currently eating them off the floor after throwing them at me twice  – first because Liz Lemon ate one and then because I farted. I have not yelled yet.
  • He keeps asking for you and only listens when I say something four times in a row at increasing volume levels.
  • He just shit his pants to spite me.
  • Just had a meltdown again.  He wanted a four-minute time out, not a three minute one.
  • He just threw pissy underwear at my face after peeing on his beanbag chair.
  • Also, we need to teach The Juggernaut the meaning of the word “accident” when it comes to relieving himself in his pants.

My husband is a saint.



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