Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course

The interesting thing about blogging is figuring out a topic to write about every day. Yesterday, I had nothing. I was physically and mentally dehydrated. Some electrolytes helped with the physical dehydration, but what to do about my mental wasteland?


Stephen King says that good writers are even better readers and I will be the first to admit I have not been reading as much as I could be. And by “reading”, I mean books. I read articles all the time, but actual books that are not about taco-loving dragons or evening salutations to the moon? It’s been rare. I tend to re-read rather than explore a new author, so when my reading gets stale, I abandon ship. This is a trend in my life and may be a topic for another day.

I digress.

I had The Juggernaut and I stopped reading for me. I am getting back to it with the help of my Kindle and a recent block of free time (see my first blog entry for recap), but I’ve been struggling to get back into it and it’s making me sad. Books were my best friend as a child. My home life was chaotic and I could completely escape it for hours between the covers of a book. The local library increased the numbers of books I was allowed to take out each week because I was such a voracious reader – I could easily go through 20 books at a time. To this day, I am still a speed reader with about a 95% retention. It’s a gift and I have been squandering. Well, not so much squandering it as having a baby, being sleep deprived, getting sick, and trying to manage life. You know – the usual.

I miss being a Constant Reader and doing what has always come so naturally me. It’s time to find her once again. I know she’s in there, but it may take some Neil Gaiman or Zora Neale Hurston to coax her out.




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