Now What?

After years of being told to start blogging, I finally caved. Why now? What changed? 

Thus far in my life, I have failed at most of the things I have done.

Something shifted on a cellular level when I got fired this week. I have not been doing what I’m supposed to be doing for some time now. There was always a reason to put it off. I’m starting a business. I’m pregnant. It’s a day that ends in “Y”. You know – the usual excuses. 

So now I’m attempting to go balls to the wall while dealing with a couple things. I have a toddler. I’m training a puppy. I’m training a husband. I have an autoimmune disease that is slowly killing me. Then there are the crippling anxiety attacks and the fact that I can no longer eat sugar or gluten due to the aforementioned autoimmune disease. Bloody hell. I sound like a Lifetime Movie. 

I am pledging to write every day for 365 days in front of God and my three followers. I’ll try to post most everything – it may only be a grocery list, you can read it here.

I mean, WTF, right?



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